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Ferri WilsonStaff FG Tour V6 4-PW Acciaio

Nuovo prodotto

There is no feeling that compares to puring a world-class forged FG Tour iron. Introducing the brand new V6 irons from Wilson Staff. Combining that ultimate playability with game-changing Tungsten sole technology to control those miss hits and make every shot count. The Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons - designed for the Feel player seeking a sleek setup, ultimate feedback and shot-shaping control.

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Prodotto disponibile con Pre-Ordine. Consegna in 5/15 giorni (Giorni Lavorativi)

849,00 € Tasse incluse

5 kg


The 20-gram tungsten sole weight featured in the 3-through 7-irons lowers the center of gravity and increases launch angle without increasing spin, producing a higher peak height on long and mid-iron shots and a steeper angle of descent for attacking pins.

Maintains a solid, muscle back-like feel and workability, but with a back cavity design to provide feedback and forgiveness on off-center hits.

The 8620 carbon steel is forged for the ultimate in feel, feedback and response.